Motion Graphics

Event Coverage

High-end quality motion graphics for businesses, websites, short movies and music videos.
Event coverages for promotional purposes or for family

Advertise with Motion Graphics & videos

I create video trailers for your events, eSport competitions, even for your family reunions.

Optimized For all video-platforms

The promotion of your video projects is designed from the beginning to fit into social medias and video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo & more

Events Coverages

From the short promotional trailer to the 30min coverage of your event

High End Video Techniques

I use the latest methods to create the special effects of your trailers. From 3D Tracking to video compositing using the Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Studio Max & Cinema 4D


Uniqueness is essential in every new work. Identifying what style you want in your project is my top priority. I design your ideas into something unique.

Platforms i use for your video projects


The Softwares I use include the Adobe Suite and 3D Studio Max , Cinema 4D

Motion Design

Adobe After Effects offers endless possibilities in terms of unique animations.


Special Effects shots are the result of a process called compositing. Each step of a shot including 3D objects and special effects needs to be assembled in the right way to create the perfect illusion.


From the white balance, to the post-prod color correction, i make sure that your shots merge pefectly together even if shot in different light conditions.


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